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Our conscious mind thinks it’s in control, but it isn’t.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t think about anything, but is in control.

Prayer, Aspiration, Setting and declaring intention,

Again, again, again, and again,

Is one of the ways to train Great subconscious mind to work with us.

Samadhi, is the gradual awakening of

Subconscious mind,

Conscious mind power not even 1% of subconscious mind.

That’s why for most people nowadays,

Many natural occurrences being called as miracle.

Properly put,

It is not subconscious mind who need to be awaken,

This shallow little I-know-it-all mind, is

The one who need to re-learn how to operate according to

Nature’s Law, not against it, just like

How we’re taught by nowadays education system.

As long as those both Power inside us are rarely in harmony,

Happiness is extremely elusive. For

Peace, is the sense of harmony.

Those who understand this,

Easily give up the worldly matter and

Start the Inner Journey.

That also explain, why

In nowadays meditative community,

Many yogi, practitioner, suffer “difficulties”

In meditation.

Meditation is not about trying to control your mind,

By using approach and habit of surface, shallow mind,

Violence and insincere non-violence.

Meditation is not something

One do, but

Something that one conditioned to be happen.

In proper meditation,

Meditator should not GO to the object,

Meditator’s only duty is, to

Put proper condition for the knowledge of object, to


In another way of saying,

Meditator should not GO to the object, but

Need to let the object to “come” into meditator’s field of attention.


When your hand try to grasp the subtle incense smoke,

What happen?

It scattered and slip away through your fingers.

Meditation object is far subtler than

Incense smoke, morning mist, and

The wings of butterflies,

Treat it accordingly,

O, Blessed Beings.

O, Blessed Beings,

Make sure that your Destination,

Worth of the Journey.

Arahantship, will never disappointed the attainer.

Main Prayer:

May I, may you, may all beings

in the entire Universe enjoy Utmost Liberation,


as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,

as effective, as efficient as possible,

in this very moment,


May All Blessings, eternally, Be.

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