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So many of us choose our path

out of fear disguised as practicality.

Yes, you also can fail

while doing what is confining, mediocre and

you don’t really want.


why don’t choose the way to greatness,

in which you can fail with dignity or

enjoy True Glory?

We really can’t let the fear of failure,

fear of comparison, fear of judgement,

preventing us from doing ringht things

that will make us Great.


What will make us Great?

Wealth, health, fame?


O, Blessed Beings,

What is Great from what is good.


How if Greatness is about,

The ability to shine in continuous graceful kindness,

dwell in authentic gentleness,

in every situation, effortlessly?


choose the life that we will satisfy with,

even if we experience failure on the way.

Aim for the moon,

at least you will shoot the star.

Most of Great People,

Arrive at their Greatness

Because they aim high and miss.

Most of “most people”,

Arrive at their position

Because they aim low and hit.

May I, may you, may All beings

in the entire Universe,

enjoy Utmost Liberation,


as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,

As effective, as efficient as possible,

in this very moment,


May all Blessings, eternally, Be.


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