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Every irritating fault in

another person has a long history behind it.

Enemy is a Friend that

you not yet know the story.

Journey toward Liberation is never painful,

the resistance toward it, never isn’t.

No one start their spiritual endeavour till

the pain to remain asleep is greater than

the resistance to be awake.

Life lessons will keep repeating, until

we Learn, until,

our state of consciousness, transformed.

We can’t expect too much change

In the experience of life,

while remain in the same state of consciousness.

One sign of maturity is,

When we think people hurt us,

We incline to understand their behaviour

and perspectives we use,

instead of trying to inflict counter-damage.

We are not here to change the world,

The world is here to transform us.

Learn to perceive hidden message, indirect Teaching,

Then, we will realize that,

The world is full of learning opportunity.

The cost of being without knowledge is

the life of torture, inner, outer, or both.

There are no hope of freedom from pain

outside Heart’s Education, Wisdom.

Don’t let your technical knowledge

hindrance your Wisdom growth.

Proper Knowledge only has one taste,


Wisdom and suffering simply can’t goes along.

Wherever wisdom go, suffering unable to co-exist.

Humility is the natural result

and cause for Wisdom.

Just like valley effortlessly gather water,

which quickly leave barren peak,

Humility, Knowledge’s Gatherer,

therefore, Master of Power.

May I, may you, may all beings

in the entire Universe

eternally delight, dwell in Healing Kindness and

continuously, effortlessly shine in Transformative Wisdom.

May I, may you, may all beings

in the entire Universe enjoy

Utmost Liberation,


as soon as possible, as comfort as possible,

as effective, as efficient as possible,

in this very moment,


May all Blessings, eternally, Be.


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